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About Our Birch Dowels

Photo of Hardwood Birch Dowels

Birch dowels are among the strongest. They can also be made to look like walnut or maple by staining the wood. Birch takes paints and stains very well and can be ideal for most projects.

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DETAILS on Birch Dowel Rods
TYPE OF WOOD:  Birch is a hardwood and is one of the strongest woods.
COLOR: light in color. All of Caldowel’s dowel rods are white birch.
GRAIN:  Birch wood is fine-grained. The grain has a wave texture and has appealing dark streaks and lines.
STRENGTH:  One of the strongest woods. There are only a few other woods stronger than birch.
FINISHING:  Birch is stain or paint grade. It takes stains and paint well because of it’s closed pore structure. It also produces a great look even when you are attempting to achieve a dark stained look.
KILN DRIED:  Kiln dried dowel rods have a moisture content of 6 to 8%. Birch does shrink but if kiln dried it keeps a consistent diameter. All of our dowels are kiln dried. Air dried wooden dowel rods can have a moisture content of anywhere from 12 to 20%. This can cause the Birch dowel rod to distort or change sizes. – Not dowels from Caldowel.
If I am working on a wood project for outdoors should I use dowels made of Birch?
This hardwood is not suitable for exterior use.
Where does Birch come from?
Birch is a deciduous hardwood which grows in the Northwest. There are nine species of this type of wood that is native to North America.
Can I run a small channel down the side of the dowel for glue?
You can make a small cut down the length of the dowel rod to allow any air and glue.
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