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About Our Cherry Dowels

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Cherry is a hardwood and has been recognized for years for its superior qualities. Cherry takes a stain or paint finish superbly.

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DETAILS on Cherry Dowel Rods
TYPE OF WOOD:  Cherry is a hardwood and is stiff and very strong.
COLOR:  New cherry has a golden tone then over time becomes a dark red-brown color. Cherry darkens with exposure to sun light.
GRAIN:  Cherry wood’s grain is more subtle than the other hardwoods. Cherry has a consistently high quailty of grain and has small dark flecks.
STRENGTH:  Cherry is falls into the middle of the hardwoods based on strength. It does have good bending properties.
FINISHING:  Cherry has a rich, satiny finish. Staining highlights it’s unique grain. It takes stains and paint superbly well. We recommend a light to medium stain.
KILN DRIED:  All of our Cherry dowels are properly kiln dired to prevent warping. Air dried wooden dowel rods can have a moisture content of anywhere from 12 to 20%. This can cause the dowel rod to distort or change sizes. Kiln dried dowel rods have a moisture content of 6 to 8%.
How long does the cherry wood take to darken over time?
It will reach a deep red-brown over a year.
Where does Cherry come from?
It is a deciduous hardwood which grows in North America.
Is Cherry sock resistant?
Yes, this hardwood has a low stiffness and is shock resistant.
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