We Manufacturer Premium Wood Dowel Rods and Wood Dowel Pins

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Lower your production costs with our premium dowels and pins. We utilize the latest technology and production methods to assure each rod and pin is manufactured to exacting standards. We work with all size of customers form all industries to deliver the right product at the right price.

Dowel Rods

We keep in stock millions of hardwood dowels ready to ship.


Our most popular hardwood rods are Birch Dowels and Oak Dowels. Our second most popular dowels are constructed of the solid hardwoods of Maple and Walnut. Other types of dowels that we manufacturer are: Cherry, Poplar, Mahogany, and Ash Dowels. To learn more about each type of wood dowel simply use our navigation panel.

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Dowel Pins

We are the industry leader of quality wooden dowel pins. Our precision manufactured pins are shipped in poly vinyl bags to insure that the “moisture content" is unchanged by humidity.

Our Metric Dowel Pins are chamfered, which means tapered at the ends. Metric pins are generally used in case work and furniture manufacturing.


Our Pre Glue Pins are designed to make time on wood working projects shorter. The entire surface of our dowels are coated with the glue and then the pin is dried. Pre-gluing the pin is the most effective way to ensure maximum glue coverage.


Our Spiral Groove pins are known for their consistent diameter and precision. They are considered to be some of the strongest due to the amount of wood that presses against the sides of the hole that they sit in.


Our Fractional or standard dowel pins are fluted and are manufactured with precision machinery to meet our exacting standards.

Easy On-line Ordering:

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At California Dowel & Turnings, Inc., we strive to supply the furniture and cabinet industry with the highest quality and competively priced wood products.
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