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About Our Maple Dowels

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Maple is a strong, heavy wood which has a high resistance to wear.

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DETAILS on Maple Dowel Rods
TYPE OF WOOD:  Maple is a hardwood and is very strong.
COLOR: Colors can range from a creamy white to a dark reddish brown.
GRAIN:  This wood has a uniform straight-grained texture.
STRENGTH:  A strong hardwood with crushing strengths. It has a very low stiffness and is resistant to shock loads.
FINISHING:  Maple can be either stained or polished. It takes paint or enamel. When staining, maple may have areas that vary slightly.
KILN DRIED:  Our Maple dowels are kiln dried. They have a moisture content of only 6 to 8%.
How hard is it to work with Maple?
Nailing and screwing can be more difficult with maple.
Where does Maple originate?
Europe, Africa, and North America
How wear resistant is maple?
Maple has a high resistance to wear.
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