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About Our Oak Dowels

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This is the strongest of the hardwoods. This is also a very durable and very wear-resistant dowel.

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DETAILS on Oak Dowel Rods
TYPE OF WOOD:  Oak is considered to be the strongest of hardwoods. They are made of red oak. If you are interested in white oak please call.
COLOR: Light creme color to a Golden honey color.
GRAIN:  A fine smooth grain. The grain has a fine line pattern.
STRENGTH:  One of the strongest woods. There are only a few other woods tha are stronger.
FINISHING:  Staining is a good choice for oak. The grain will become highlighted when staining. Oak’s properties sometimes proove a challenge when painting because of it’s large pores.
KILN DRIED:  All of Caldowel’s hardwood rods have been kiln dried to prevent distoration caused by moisture. Our Kiln dried rods have a moisture content of only 6 to 8%.
Does oak hold up well under pressure?
Oak has a very high crushing strength.
Where does Oak come from?
Red Oak grows in the North Eastern United States.
What about screwing and nailing?
While it takes well to screwing or nailing, we recommend pre-boring.
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