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About Our Poplar Dowels

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Poplar is a reliable dowel rod with excellent strength and stability. It takes glueing and screwing well. Poplar can easily look like maple or walnut when stained right.

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DETAILS on Poplar Dowel Rods
TYPE OF WOOD:  Popular is a hardwood and is strong but has a light to medium weight.
COLOR: Cream-white to very pale straw coloring.
GRAIN:  Straight grained with a fine even texture.
STRENGTH:  One of the strongest woods. There are only a few other woods stronger than Poplar.
FINISHING:  It paints and varnishes to a great finish. however, staining can be patchy sometimes.
KILN DRIED:  Kiln dried dowel rods have a moisture content of 6 to 8%. Popular resists warping.
Should I use a Poplar for outside projects?
It is not recommended for exterior use.
Where does Poplar come from?
It is widespread through the Eastern United States.
Can I run a small channel down the side of the dowel for glue?
You can make a small cut can be made down the length of the dowel rod to allow any air and glue.
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