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Premium Wooden Dowel Pins

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If your shop is faced with the challenge of lowering costs, Caldowel offers some of the most competitive prices on all of our wood dowel pins. You can check info and details on all of our type of dowels pins below:

Wooden Metric Dowel Pins

Our hardwood Metric Dowel Pins are engineered for a precision fit. Diameter sizes ranging from 5mm – 16mm and lengths ranging from 16mm to 127mm.

Metric Dowel Pins


Pre Glue Wood Dowel Pins

Pre-Glued wood dowels cut down on time and clean up since you only need to apply water in the dowel holes. All surface of our dowels are coated with the glue and then the pin is dried. Pre-gluing the wooden pin is the most effective way to ensure maximum glue coverage.

Pre-glued dowel pins


Sprial Groove Wooden Dowel Pins

Spiral Pins are grooved in a spiral pattern running down the full length of the wood pin. These pins are known for their consistent diameter and precision.

Sprial Grooved Dowel Pins


Wooden Standard | Fractional Dowel Pins

In our standard wooden pins because of their multiple grooves are more forgiving when pressed into the dowel hole, providing less stress on the wood joint and reducing the risk of splitting.

Standard Wood Dowel Pins


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At California Dowel & Turnings, Inc., we strive to supply the furniture and cabinet industry with the highest quality and competitively priced wood products.
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