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Birch Wooden Dowel Rods

Caldowel is one of the leading wooden dowel rods manufacturers. We deliver premium dowels at wholesale prices. Our online shopping allows you to purchase products 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Check pricing or easily order or check prices online: Wooden Dowels »

Caldowel Wood Dowels

Precision workmanship goes into all of our quality wooden dowel rods from Caldowel. We have a wide variety of dowels in all sizes. If you have questions please call our toll free number: 866-663-6935.

Wooden Birch Dowel Rods

Our Birch wood dowel rods are even textured and have been sanded to a smooth finish. This dowel can be used in almost any woodworking project.
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Hardwood Oak Dowel Rods

This dowel rod is made of red oak, a very popular hardwood which is light in color. Oak is the strongest of the hardwoods and is very durable.
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Wooden Maple Dowels

Our Maple dowel rods polish and stains well. Maple is one of the favorite hardwoods for American Furniture makers.

Walnut Hardwood Dowels

The coloring of this wood dowel is on the medium to darker brown side. This darker wood provides for a rich finish. It's a tough hardwood and it provides for an exceptional finish.

Cherry Wood Dowel Rods

This premium hardwood dowel's rich red-brown color deepens over time and comes with a smooth finish. Cherry is a hardwood that is stiff and very strong.

Wood Mahogany Dowel Rods

Mahogany is one of the stronger hardwoods. The wood color varies from light red to a light tan. It Glues well and stains to a beautiful finish.

Hardwood Ash Dowels

Ash is a hardwood that is strong in comparison to it's weight. It is light in color.

Poplar Hardwood Dowels

Poplar dowel rods are our least expensive wood dowel. Poplar has excellent strength and stability for a lightweight hardwood. It cuts easily and comes sanded to a smooth finish.

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