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About Our Standard Grooved Dowel Pins -
Fluted Wood Dowel Pins

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With Fluted – Grooved dowel pins, when you insert the pin, glue is pushed through the full length of the grooved pin. The fluting allows the glue to expand.

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Benefits of Grooved – Fluted Dowel Pins
Fluting: Helps prevent the wood from splitting when joints are clamped together.
You can use wooden dowel pins to align your projects. All you need do is to drill the hole sets so that when you place the dowels, they will align and bring the joint together.
DOWEL ENDS:  Fluted wooden dowel pins are chamfered for easy insertion into the dowel pin holes.
WOOD TYPE: Standard Hardwood Dowel Pins. Hardwood dowel pins are most often preferred as they result in better tolerances.
KILN DRIED:  A premimum kiln dried dowel pin with a moisture content below 8%, minimizes any changes in it’s sizes.
QUALITY:  With our automated production process and controls, our dowels set the standard for quality.
Grooved – Fluted Dowels VS Smooth Dowels
Why a grooved or fluted dowel pin over a smooth dowel pin?

Fluted wooden dowel pins are chamfered for easy insertion into the dowel pin holes.
1. Fluted or Grooved dowel pins you attain a better dispersion of the glue.
2. Fluted or Grooved dowel pins, they can compress when inserted into the hole due to the grooves.
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