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About Our Metric Dowel Pins

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Our hardwood pins are manufactured with precision to ensure exacting standards and solid joints in wood working projects.

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Grooves run length-wise along these dowel pins tublar body to allow the pin to compress into the hole with reduced stress to the joint.Metric dowel pins provide for easy flow of glue, pushing the air out of the pocket during insertion and providing superior bonding of the dowel to the wood joint.
Metric Dowels VS STANDARD Dowels
In the wood products industry, dowel pins are sold by two different types of measurement systems.
1. Metric – The international standard for measurements
Example: 5mm dowel pin
2. Fractional (inches) – The measurement system adopted by the U.S.
Fractional Example: 2 inch dowel pin
DOWEL ENDS:  This precision dowel’s leading edge is made with a 30 degree taper for an easy start.
KILN DRIED: Air dried wooden pins can have a moisture content anywhere from 12 to 20%. This can cause the dowel pin to distort or change sizes. Kiln dried dowels have a moisture content of 6 to 8%.
WOOD TYPE:  Hardwood Metric Dowel Pins. By using a hardwood dowel pin, it will result in a strong wear-resistant fit.
STRENGTH:  One of the strongest woods. There are only a few other woods stronger than birch.
QUALITY:  We perform critical quality checks before we ship our pins.
Quality Wood Products Seal
At California Dowel & Turnings, Inc., we strive to supply the furniture and cabinet industry with the highest quality and competitively priced wood products.
FSC Seal
Many of our dowel pins are now FSC® certified! Please call for pricing and availability.

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