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About Our Spiral Dowel Pins

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The dowel pins are grooved in a spiral pattern running down the full length of the wood pin. The spiral pattern assures proper application of the glue.

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Benefits of Spiral Dowel Pins
• The multiple grooves are more forgiving when pressed into the dowel hole, providing less stress on the wood joint and reducing the risk of splitting.
DOWEL ENDS:  All of our spiral grooved dowel pins come with ends which are chamfered for ease of insertion. The tapered leading edge is designed to easily drive into the hole.
WOOD TYPE: Hardwood Spiral Grooved Pins. Because wood working projects require dowel pins that resist shrinkage.
KILN DRIED:  Spiral Grooved Dowel Pins should always be kiln dried instead of air dried to ensure the pin won’t distort.
Why Spiral Grooved over a standard dowel pin?
•  Spiral grooved dowel pins are considered to be some of the strongest due to the amount of wood that presses against the sides of the hole that the sit in.
What Size of Dowel Pin should I use?
 The rule of thumb is the longer the dowel the stronger the joint. Also the diameter of a spiral grooved dowel should not be more than 1/2 of the thickness of the wood.
What Size should the hole be?
Care should be taken not to drill the hole too deep to allow water to pool in the bottom of the hole. A standard is that a hole should be 1/8″ longer than the dowel pin itself.
How should the dowel pin be inserted?
The dowel can be manually inserted using a light tap with a rubber mallet.
When Should you apply glue?
Filling the hole with standard wood glue before dowelling will provide excellent glue dispersion throughout the grooves of the spiral dowel and create a lasting bond. For better results, after gluing this dowel pin into place use a clamp to hold the wood together. This will prevent the wood from splitting around the hole due to pressure.
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