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Unfinished Wood Candlesticks, Cups & Inserts

Photo Unfinished Wooden Candlesticks and brass insert

If you are looking for unfinished wooden candlesticks and candlestick parts at wholesale prices check info below:

Wooden Candle Sticks
Photo of wooden candlestick
Unfinished decorative hardwood candlesticks.  Sanded candlesticks come in two heights ready to stain or paint.


Wooden Candle Cups
Photo of spoke wheel
Hardwood candle cups (candle holders) are unfinished and ready to paint or stain.  Candle cups come in two sizes.


Brass Candle Inserts
Photo of treaded wheel
Protect your wooden candlesticks with brass plated candle inserts.  Our brass inserts fit a 7/8″ diameter.
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